How to get a Smokin’ Hot Outdoor BBQ Experience

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The Beginner’s Pro-Tip
How a bear grills and how Bear Grylls grills could well be the difference between ruining those bacon rashers and grilling them like a pro BBQ expert on your swanky flagstone patio. First you need a patio that looks like it was created just for a barbeque. A backyard with a poured concrete BBQ space is honestly just a grey lawn without grass. Get creative! Use some of those classy interlocking natural stones to pave up that space. Why? Simple! It’s easier to clean up and the wife won’t see you ruining another gourmet steak.

May the Sauce Be With You
Before you decide to make (or buy) that lip-smacking BBQ sauce, make sure your grill can handle the mess. If you love the idea of a clean n’ lean prep, a Gas Grill is the perfect solution for you. The two Gas Grills you can choose from are bottled propane or natural gas. Although you’d have to make concessions on the smoky flavor, you’d get a grill with a glazed stainless steel body and 3 to 5 burners, with a side-burner option for heating pots and pans too.

Smoke ‘em If You Got ‘em!
We know that most things can be improved by one of five things: cheese, BBQ sauce, melted butter, ranch dressing, or chocolate. But for purists, it’s that smoky, grilled flavor that can only come from a Charcoal Grill.First pre-heat the grill by firing up the charcoal for at least 45 minutes. When you’re done grilling, you’d need to dispose of the charcoal ashes. It is time-consuming but natural wood charcoal makes everything taste a whole lot better.

Keep Calm and Blaze On
Remember, It’s not the barbecues in your life that count; it’s the life in your barbecues. Portable Grills are just the thing to liven up your BBQ. You can have an adventure in your own backyard with a Portable Grill. They are lightweight, durable and there are plenty to choose from. Miniature charcoal kettle grills or small propane grills are popular choices. Portable Grills can do wonders in the least amount of space.

Make Your Patio BBQ-friendly
Make sure your BBQ space is a professionally done landscaped area. This gives you more time to grill those steaks to perfection. Mowing undisciplined grass and yanking out weeds should not be a part of your BBQ prep. Professional landscape artists would recommend a root barrier or weed filter cloth to prevent those nasty weeds from springing up. We could help you choose between interlocked paving stones, flag stones, retaining walls or even a quaint garden bed. It is important to pick the right color and style that suits your patio. The right installation with quality materials can only be handled by professionals. Like the great Napoleon Bonaparte should’ve said, “Glory is fleeting, but barbecue is forever”!

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