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No More DIY Blunders
Most DIY sites out there will tell you it takes 3 to 4 days to get a patio makeover done by yourself. Excited, you begin your patio project confident that you will have a stylish patio to display at the end of the week. By the second day, your confidence slowly fades and you begin to doubt the authenticity of the information you have. Unless, you just happen to have a strong team with residential and commercial landscaping experience, your wife is likely to hear you say “Oh, that wasn’t a mistake. It’s supposed to look exactly that way!” when she asks you about the obvious blunders (you had hoped you covered just enough for her not to notice).

We agree it’s a daunting task, selecting the right materials and style. Then again, that’s exactly what we’re here for. You won’t find yourself wondering if you need to go for Natural stone or Flagstone. Both have an earthy, timeless appearance and work best when it comes to drainage. But which one should you go for and what color should it be? There are various colors to choose from, depending on the foliage of your backyard or the style of your home. Also, each piece has varying thickness and needs to be raised or lowered to level it on the bed that it rests on. We can help you decide what would work best to build your dream patio.

Texture Maketh All The Difference
Who wouldn’t want an elegant yet wieldy lawn? When we say elegant, we don’t mean an almost balding lawn with tufts of weeds springing up like a rude surprise. We mean the feel of walking on exquisitely aged smooth Tumble Stone tiles that are gentle to your feet. You can complement the color of the tumble stones with the color of your house, too. Be it a hazy charcoal grey, brownish tan, sandstone or creamy terracotta, we can assist you in opting for the right match to suit the roof color or the trim of your house. Tumble stones are great when you want a variety of textures. If you’re thinking of going for a farmhouse style, then Honed Tumble Stones with a matte finish and a rustic edge are perfect. If rounded edges and soft faced corners appeal to you, then Natural Tumble Stones would work best. There are other varieties as well like Polished Tumble Stones, which look as their name suggests, and Antique Tumble Stones, which have a rustic surface and worn edges.

Get That Old World Charm
Perhaps, you would like to have a brief sojourn in France? Maybe, in that picturesque Bordeaux region called Saint-Emilion? It won’t be that far, we promise. All you have to do is install those timeless classic Cobble Stones to add a touch of whimsy. When you sit by the cobblestoned pathway, that is now your patio, and sip on a glass of Pinot Chardonnay, you’ll be instantly transported to a quaint rustic French town with cobblestone streets. Cobblestone patios are easy to maintain. These long-lasting pavers are stable enough for at least 100 years, which is why these decorative stones make up some of the best-preserved ancient roads today. What’s more is that you can now get creative and try out different shapes like octagonal rather than just rectangular or square. Then, there are colors like terracotta, gray, pink, black, green, tan and red to choose from too.

Urban Oasis

Rustic or old-world styles aren’t for you? You define the latest trends or live the Zen lifestyle? You want a refined patio space to keep life interesting, to inspire you on your latest project. You believe crisp-edged shapes with simple linear surfaces enhance progressive thinking. When it comes to designing your swanky new modern patio, we can help you add that distinctive touch with an uncluttered, clean and refined style. For a warm yet modern, stylish yet functional, and interesting yet simple décor, we can suggest the best mix of materials and textures. But that’s not all, since we also specialize in Sod, Tree Planting & Maintenance, we can help you add planters with dramatic geometric shapes to liven up your classically modern patio.

Coming Soon To Your Backyard!

Say goodbye to all those half-done DIY projects and call the experts when you need a patio to impress. Be it Natural stone or Flagstone, Tumble Stone, Cobble Stone or a Modern stylized patio, we’re here to help. To know more about interlocked paving stones, flag stones, retaining walls or even a quaint garden bed complete with professionally managed tree planting and maintenance. advice on choosing the right color, style, proper installation or materials, we’ll be happy to talk to you.

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